Code of Ethics
  • The membership certificate and the code of ethics as well as any other certificate of competence must be displayed in clear view for clients to see.

  • Respect and honor the profession by conducting and presenting yourself in a professional manner that would otherwise compromise the dignity and quality of the profession.

  • Treat the clients with respect and dignity and make no distinctions as to the sex, age, race, religion, appearance or social status of the client.

  • It is to your discretion the refusal of clients that do not have good hygiene, morality rules or have psychological disorders.

  • Maintain a professional therapist – client relationship and an irreproachable manner towards the client whether it is on a physical, mental or emotional level.

  • Explain to the client the techniques and procedures that will be used so the client has the option to keep undergarment if he choose so, never demand nudity of a client.

  • Do not offer a diagnosis on the condition of a client, if necessary always use traditional methods and the diagnosis of the medical practioner of the client to help evaluate a client's condition.

  • Respect the clients' decision in choosing any form of therapy, alternative method or another health practioner's services that does not come from you.

  • Always be honest about using therapies and the results they produce, never claim to heal a condition of a client by predicting the number of visits they should need. It is up to the clients' discretion as to the frequency of visits.

  • Respect and practice all methods, aspects, techniques and interventions that was taught by your school.

  • Practice self-discipline; abstain from criticizing another therapist in the presence of a client. Never divulge any information of a client at anytime to anyone, massage therapists are vowed to professional secrecy.

  • Malpractice of the profession from a member of this association will result in the cancellation of the membership.

  • The member must conform and accept the clauses stated above to remain within the association.

  • The member cannot give any receipts to his immediate family.

  • No insurance receipt should be given to a client that purchases a gift certificate nor to the person using the gift certificate.